An ancestral and honest profession that has crowned kings and has been present in many celebrated moments, that is how José Marín defines his profession. A path where this artisan has been able to combine innovation and respect for the traditional processes.

According to Marín, a jewel is an everlasting print that tells a story, and it is, in many occasions, the only trace remaining. That is why each piece must be unique, include a touch of distinction that makes it different from the rest, and that is why each piece is made one by one with his own hands.


This time he has opted for titanium, as an alternative to other traditional materials. A unique metal, hard and tough, the antithesis of the morphology that brings the challenge of making jewels by hand as Valencian craftsmen did 100 years ago. This gave birth to jewels made of an indomitable metal mixed with fine materials such as gold and precious stones, looking for new avenues for contemporary jewellery.

A project that gives global value to the work and not to the materials. The result is a very organic jewellery, inspired by botanical motives and large volumes. A venue that reinvents tribal jewellery made from seeds and all the colours provided by nature.

This technical and formal quality of his pieces, the extraordinary beauty and the creativity of his unique and transgressor designs have given him many international honours and have propelled his career, including his last achievement; announced finalist of the 2012 National Crafts Awards, in the category Product Award.