All the products have been developed to renew the consumer’s relationship with the object, providing more information and added values to justify the purchase action.

Essence by Sanserif Creatius is an exhibition in constant updating process in which, under the premise of respecting the traditional process of production and materials, a designer incorporates new ideas and product lines in order to open new markets and / or give appropriate responses to the needs of citizens, for example by adapting a technique like the “encaje de bolillos” to create bags that inhibit smartphones signal or extending the life of a bottle of wine making a collection of cups and glasses with a very contemporary and eclectic aesthetic.


The program also aims to promote the sustainability of traditional production processes and recovery of natural raw materials for the manufacture of products. In fact, the project allows the hybridization or combination of different processes or materials that are respectful with the environment, have a low impact and / or are recycled or recyclable, thus opening new product lines and leveraging these benefits or values.


Next to Valencia’s old medieval town, the designer Ana Yago and the dircom José Antonio Giménez, run a lab of ideas aimed to give “soul” to products.  A studio where the priority is to make the designs universal and eco-conscious.