The Sanserif Creatius director, Ana Yago, gave a Master Class to the students of the Escola d’Art i Superior de Disseny of Castelló on how to transform local crafts into an exportable product. The designer explained that the craft has a great export potential, since, in addition to its uniqueness, and its value as a handmade product, can adapt faster than the industry to the specific requirements of the society.


In the talk, Ana Yago first of all reviewed the last collaborations made with artisans of Valencia, which currently remain exposed in the Craft Centre, and whose theme focuses on the relationship between the local and Japanese idiosyncrasies. Together with the Valencian designer, also participated the communications director of Sanserif Creatius, José Antonio Giménez, and the Professor of Technical Ceramics EASD Castellón, Ana Llorens. After that, a guided tour of the exhibition and other exhibition spaces of the Center visit took place.