The Cibeles Palace in Madrid hosts until next April the exhibition  called “Spanish Crafts Vanguardia, Innovation and Design” an exhibit that offers a contemporary perspective on the most innovative Spanish craftsmanship inviting people to discover his or her more innovative side as well as an interaction with the world of design. Among the companies stands out the representation of the Valencian Community led by LZF lamps, Sagen Ceramics, Lladró and The Mediterranean.


The exhibition, Curated by Tachy Mora and co-organized by EOI – Fundesarte Foundation, brings together 21 projects that bring a renewed vision of Spanish craftsmanship. Organized into three sections, according to the scheme proposed in the book edited by the curator herself “Artesanía española de vanguardia” (editorial Lunwerg ). The book contains some of the examples of the most avant-garde side of the Spanish craft, its interaction with the world of design, and their tune.

In the proposed exhibition tour, visitors have the chance to admire the craftsmanship of Loewe products, the delicate Lladró porcelain, Cumella Ceramics, the strength of the Teixidors clothes, their exclusive jewelry of Enric majoral, the expressiveness of the candles by Cerabella, the delicacy of the crystals from the Royal Factory of La Granja, the audacity of Ceramics of Xavier Mañosa-Apparatu, the hybrid nature of the lamp LZF lamps, among many other examples.