Thanks to the collaboration of the After Association and the Japan Foundation, a dozen teachers of the craftsmanship sector could bring closer to the public the process of creating a piece from its conception and development to the process of finishing and marketing within the Cycle of Authors on innovation in contemporary craftsmanship.


The DG Trade and Consumer Affairs of the Generalitat Valenciana and the Arts Centre itself supported this parallel encounter with the exhibition Essence by Sanserif Creatius. The exhibition also brought together several professionals that collaborated with the design studio of Sanserif Creatius in order to shape the eclectic objectual universe presented.

The two sessions which have initially had this cycle met the designer Ana Yago with 6 master craftsmen and craftswomen together with other companies to analyzed from various perspectives how to conceive objects that help open new markets to sectors such as ceramics, fan or confectionery, among others, respecting the traditional techniques. At the same time, they focused on establishing new guidelines for developing handcrafted products that respond to the needs and interests of the contemporary society.

In the first edition participated Juan Carlos Iñesta, manager of DoManises: Ricart Teresa Martínez, responsible for Truffles Matínez; and Antonio Sodevila, director of di-Albani. To this edition, also joined the manager of Crling!, Sara Sorribes, the indumenarista –designer of the Sain Joseph festival clothes- responsible for Dedal, MªJosé Cañada and the basketmaker Marifé, among other artisans.