It was founded in 1961 and was located in the Valencian town of Polinà del Xúquer, in the region of Ribera Baixa. Salvador and Adolfo Cebolla now run the company. They are the second generation of this family business, while the third has been incorporated too. According to Salvador, in 1963 his parents bought the company in a time when distributed “house to house”. Although it was an entirely manual and artisanal process, technological developments and the requirements of the Administration have given way to mechanized production to a gas of “lovely intense flavor and aroma,” according to their website. Apart from manufacturing its own two brands of “llimonada” and other former manufacturers, today they also offer soda, tonic and, according to what they told us, they are close to launch new soda flavors: orange, lemon, strawberry and cola.


The company has expanded its business in order to be Grup Xúquer, consisting of three companies: La Flor del Xúquer; Distribuciones Ribera del Xúquer, founded in 1998, which distributes major brands of soft drinks and beer, and, since 2004, and finally Exclusives Xúquer, which imports products oriented to specific promotions, gift items, party kits…distributed throughout Spain.