A collection of dolls made from cloth remnants and plastic bottles is the last creation by the Valencian designers Sanserif Creatius, a design that will swell the catalogue of pieces developed for the project Free Design Bank, whose main objective is to promote the economic independence of African women. The dolls are part of this social initiative collaboration with the design studio Sanserif Creatius, who have developed Dystopian doll collection and assigned the rights to be marketed by the Senegalese groups of female artisans.


These dolls, completely handmade, will be sold through fair trade shops and the web page of this social project, and are entirely produced by small groups of disabled women at Koda, in southern Senegal, in the region of Zasamance, thanks to the support of the CEU Cardenal Herrera University. Gumersindo Rodríguez Association and the Santander Group.


Free Design Bank is an online cooperation project developed in the University CEU-Cardenal Herrera of Valencia (CEU-UCH), under the direction of Manuel Bañó, which has allowed artisans from Peru, India, Philippines, Sri-Lanka, Ecuador, Colombia, Tanzania, Cuba, Mali and Kenya to improve their industrial situation, always in the Fair Trade context, which guarantees fair salaries in decent working conditions, including equality for men and women and excluding the use of fair labour, among other premises.