A typical RPG game normally requires a multitude of accessories –maps, descriptive drawings, dices, miniatures, characters that are not playing, etc. – that are obstacles for the dynamics of the game, especially in those that recreate situations with volumetric elements. In order to do so, a team of entreprenuers called ForGeeks, have developed  different settings – from dungeons to spatial stages, going through urban or natural surroundings- models that incorporate weaves with squared or hexagonal cells, adapted to the standard formats of the official figures, with a customizable graphic development.


This new range of products has been conceived to facilitate the use of pieces or figures that symbolize the position of each player character, the ones that are not player and other creatures and objects, such as the use of different geographic features or spaces included in the graphic setting of each one of the Table Runner tablecloths.


The product is presented with a high quality finishing, in a respectful with the environment surface and printed in ecologic inks, which allows to its use also as a domestic tablecloth, with allows the games to be indefinitely stretched on because it allows the use of food on it.