The room of the lights of the Real Fabric of Cystals of La Granja will host until July 6th the exhibition “Soñarte” that reunites the last creations of the Segovian painter Patricia Azcárate in which they use crystal as support, a material that has no visual weight and supports the floating of the pictorial signs, where the colour flows and is liberated.

Patricia Azárate practises the lyrics abstraction. Her most characteristic forms go from the amoebas to the filaments and from the mere stains to the graphics, never grazing the reality forms beyond a subtle landscape suggestion or simply vegetal.


Her work, with international projection, has been present in the Contemporary Art Fair (ARCO) during several editions, just like different collections of Contemporary Art, such as the Testimoni collection of La Caixa or the Reina Sofia Museum in Madrid, among others.