During the inaugural meeting of the Comunitat Craftsmanship Committee, the General Director of Trade and Consumer Affairs, Silvia Ordiñaga highlighted the importance of craftsmanship in the Comunitat Valenciana “for its tradition and culture base,” but also of the “different and innovative” crafts companies in the market and which are really “fundamentals” for our economy.

Ordiñaga emphasized that this Commitee is for the “representation and participation” of artisans through their organizations and associations. During the first meeting, the Commitee revised the repertoire of more than 99 artisans’ professions in the Comunitat, and presented the new image of “Craftsmanship of the Comunitat Valenciana”.

In the meeting attended representatives of the Generalitat, the Craftsmanship Center of the Comunitat Valenciana, the Chambers Council of the Comunitat, the Federation of Guilds and Artisans Associations of the Province of Valencia, Castellón Artisans Provincial Association, the Crafts Entrepreneurs Provincial Association of Alicante and CIERVAL.

The Director General highlighted the “important” role of the Craftmanship Center which is continually developing performances, exhibitions, training and divulgation of craftsmanship in the Comunitat.