The aim of the project is to encourage Valencian craftwork competitiveness, making the presence of artisan products in the market easier and promoting its value added as well as strengthening the image of Valencian craftwork in its entirety. Raising the prestige of quality product and  spreading and recognising the excellent work of Valencian artisan companies.

Therefore, the union of artisans has reclaimed reiteradly the government/public administration support in the commercialisation and promotion of the artisan product. The Competitiveness Plan includes horizontal course of action, whose objective is to support the participation of artisan associations and craftsmen in several promotional events, such as fairs, tasks and other.


The planned activities include the collaboration of a great number of craftsmen who, during the whole week, will show their profesión/work skills to the visitor.

Likewise, the mentioned Competitiveness Plan proposed the launch of actions addressed to the promotion of artisan products by advertising campaigns in the media, diffusion campaigns in several groups and helps to sectorial and individual advertising, emphasizing the closeness of the craftwork to potential consumer associations and children collectives, being one of the fundamental objectives of this initiative.