Last November, the Ministry of Finance and Treasury organises, through General Administration of commerce, the second edition of the Craftwork Virtual Fair “CraftsMAD”. This exposition has the aim of favouring the knowledge about the regional craftwork, taking advantage of the visibility and importance that the use of technology possesses.


When using Internet as a scenario, this Craftwork Virtual Fair offers the advantage of being accessible from anywhere in the world, at any time in their seven days length (24 hours) and with any device (computer, tablet o smartphone). This access from tablets and smartphones supposes a novelty regarding last year, thanks to the incorporaton of html5 technology.

With this initiative,  craftwork is within reach, with a mere click we can contact online with prestigious craftwok masters of the Community of Madrid, make a virtual tour around their studio, know the used techniques, see how avant-garde design and tendencies are incorporated int the artisan production and enjoy the shown works.

All the information is provided in Spanish and English and the access is free. To know how it goes the Craftwork Virtual Fair “CraftMAD”, just click here.