The craftsmanship shop will increase its catalogue of exclusive products with certificate of origin thanks to a collaboration project between the “Centro de Artesanía de la Comunitat Valenciana” and the “Universidad Politécnica de Valencia” (UPV). “Souvenir Artesano-Recuerda Valencia” has been born with the objective of conceiving a line of inexpensive institutional product but with quality, that can be offered as a opportunity for the craftsmanship businesses and for the consumers who look for this kind of little gift or quality craftsmanship souvenir, against the external competitor.

These new products can be acquired in the Sibarita shop of the Centro de Artesanía, and have a catalogue that can be exhibited to the institutions, companies, hotels, etc. This first stage with six products is part of a new concept of “souvenir” correctly identified and with packaging conceived to include an explanatory label of the product and of the history it represents, which will allow the consumer to, through a QR code, access to the studios of the craftsmen that have made them.


The work has been managed by the professor Manuel Martínez Torán and the investigators Miguel Fernández, Pamela Vargas and Javiera Silva have also participated in it. The technical support has been carried out using technologies of digital production in the FabLab Valencia, laboratory of the Fab Foundation network, of the MIT, which is located in the “Instituto de Diseño y Fabricación”, within the “Ciudad Politécnica de la Innovación”.