The Government of the Generalitat of Catalonia passed a new normative framework to recognise, encourage and promote the craftsmanship companies and to watch over the prestige and the quality of the craft product. The Executive Council passed the decree that regulates the craftsmanship in Catalonia to look after the needs of the sector, go in depth in its modernization and the adaption to the current context of competitiveness and to the new demands of the market.


The Craftsman ID and the requisites for its obtaining are regulated, as well as the Diploma of Craftsmanship Master, which differentiates amongst the professional and the cultural. Also, the National Awards of Craftsmanship are created, which have the objective of increasing the prestige of the craftsmanship activity in society, and the Craftsmanship Week of Catalonia is recognised, to promote the commercialization of Catalan craft product and to consolidate a sale space of international reference. Other news are the creation of the Emblem for the establishments of craft sale and the Emblem Of Catalan Craftsmanship, for the craft products.