The foundation Galician Centre of Craftsmanship and Design (Fundación Centro Galego da Artesanía e do Deseño),  dependent of the General Direction of Trade of the Ministry of Economy and Industry, announces the 2014 Craftsmanship Prizes of Galicia (Premios de Artesanía de Galicia). The objective of this initiative is to recognise the continuous improvement in the work of the professionals of the sector of craftsmanship and to contribute to the economic development and the promotion of Galician craftsmanship.


The competition is made up of three modalities:

– 2014 Craftsmanship Prize of Galicia: rewards the work that represents the desired lines for a competitive craftsmanship in the current market, such as the design, the adaptation and conservation of the techniques and the most characteristic traditional values of the Galician craftsmanship, the incorporation of current trends, the innovation, the great display and the quality of the work’s material and development.

– Career Prize: Honour prize in recognition for a consolidated career of a Galician craftsman. What will be valued is the career of the candidate, his contribution, the appreciation and promotion of Galician craftsmanship, the quality of his work and the commitment to the spreading and educational transmission of the main positive values of Galician craftsmanship.

– Bolsa Eloy Gesto Prize: this modality has the purpose of driving the generational shift in craftsmanship, the access of new talents to the sector and their professionalization. The candidature that exhibits a proposal of training in a model centre in the field of craftsmanship and design will be rewarded.

The 2014 Craftsmanship Prize of Galicia has a reward of 6.000€ and a certificate, the Career Prize does not have any economic reward but it has a certifying trophy and the Bolsa Eloy Gesto Prize has a reward of 3.000€ and also receives a certificate.

The deadline for the submission of candidatures ends on March 23, 2015.