Sanserif Creatius has increased its range of cutlery with face designed for the French company Lebrun Couverts in the Moustache and Musa collections. Forks, spoons and knives have a prominent mustache in the style of the Hussars of the early nineteenth century or feminine traits in the style of muses of romanticism, according to what the Valencian company said in a statement.

This is a new concept of decoration for cutlery which aims to transform tableware into ‘the dominant aesthetic reference to define the art of presentation of any banquet’. Lebrun Couverts has extended this idea to multiple sets and geometric or floral decorations.


The Parisian the international fair Maison & Object welcomes the creation of these new collections that seek to give the cutlery ‘the aesthetic importance that has been lost in recent years close to dishes or glassware’. ‘To turn the piece of cutlery at last into the element of attraction and that the rest of the decor revolves around it’, as explained Ana Yago, designer at Sanserif Creatius.

‘We are aware that cuisine has threw itself in the last decade into a continuous search for new sensations, to provoke unique experiences to the dinner guest, and in this way cutlery are an essential element to complete that culinary experience since they not only must provide functionality but also enhance the sensory impact in the dinner guest’, said Ana Yago, who has annotated that if the ‘nouvelle cuisine’ aimed to stimulate the five senses, especially sight, cutlery renewal ‘should not aspire to less’.