The unequal struggle of the retail trade with the big trade commerces is increasing in periods as Christmas campaign in which the grouped offer of shopping centres and the extra activities like the entertainment for children, the thematic decoration or the pill-up of discounts advertsing, or simply the availability of parking zone makes the access to the general public easier.

For this reason, Sibarita News has wanted to ask artisan retail traders and clients for their opinion to establish a profile about the possible tools and proposals to consider in order to improve competitiviness and sales in future campaigns.


The recession effects are still visible in the crafts’ client who focus on the prize almost a quarter of their reasons to chose a product, according to a 23% who claims it. In the same way, traders consider that currently, a 50% of the decision to buy  a product is focused on the monetary value of the poduct, coming before its quality, that only every other five survey responded highlights.

Variety is another of the aspects highlighted by the 16,2% of the clients who demand to have different options in the same commerce in order to reduce the purchase time and trips, owing to the majority of people has divided workdays and/or their positions are far from commercial activity areas.

On the other hand, the spread of direct or partial sales commerces of artisan products complicates a urban infrastructure policy and/or the proximity of public transportation services that can be kept in mind to the selection of spaces to Christmas markets, as many craftsmen, who take part in them, agree. In fact, parking zones and comfort are two of the values that clients take into account when they choose an area or a shop for their purchases, a 4,4% and a 11,6% respectively.


And, regarding the actions that can impove competitiveness, both clients and traders emphasize the need to present a united image of craftwok to promote its knowledge among citizens and give to the products its value, specially to those brands or companies that do not have the ability to centralize actions of promotional marketing, according to 15,5% of the interviewee. Besides, a major care in Christmas setting is requested to promote that people go out and be influenced by the festive environment of this time of the year.

Changes in Christmas and year end sales of small companies due to the presence of shopping centres.