The Mr. Pink Gallery (Guillem de Castro, 110) held the collective exhibition Sentaet Custom Tour, in which 22 artists participated in a pottery figure conceived by Coté Escrivá and produced in collaboration with the craftsman Juan Carlos Iñesta, through his brand DoManises. This piece, named “Sentaet” is a 100% handcrafted product from Valencia and is part of the projects of collaboration of the students of the Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV) with local craftsmen.

The exhibition has gathered a wide representation of recreations of this figure, from direct interventions on the pottery piece to graphic, audiovisual work and even a giant Sentaet, also made of ceramic, which measures just over a meter.


Amongst the artists that have participated in the exhibition, the presence of young designers and illustrators such as Ricardo Cavolo, Alex Trochut, Rubenimichi, Brosmind, Bakea, David Méndez, Agustín Esteso, Tactelgraphics, María Herreros, Ausias Pérez, Cachete Jack, Elena Mir, Belén Segarra, Jorge Lawerta, Marcos Martínez, Valero Doval, Azucena González, Grace García, Mamen Morillas, Jack Lover, and the commissioners of the exhibition itself, stands out.