The Old Residence of the Ambassadors of Spain in Washington D.C will hold until March 29 the exhibition “Avant-Garde Spanish Craftsmanship” (Artesanía Española de Vanguardia), a broad exhibition about contemporary Spanish craftsmanship that invites us to discover its most innovative side, as well as its interaction with the world of design.

This exhibition is born as a follow up to the homonymous book “Avant-Garde Spanish Craftsmanship”, and it consists of 90 pieces created by internationally famous companies such as Loewe, Lladró and the ‘Real Fábrica de Cristales de La Granja’, as well as some of the award-winners of the National Craftsmanship Awards -LZF Lamps and Arturo Álvarez, the jeweller Enric Majoral, the textile cooperative Teixidors, the company of decorative candles Cerabella, or the glassware craftsmen specialized in haute cuisine silverware Luesma & Vega-. All of them share this space with new revitalizing craftsmanship proposals such as the potters Apparatu and Marre Moerel, the company of rattan furniture Expormim and the textile accessories of Peseta or the decoration products of Woodendot.


This project is organised by the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism of Spain and its School of Industrial Organisation EOI, together with is department of promotion of craftsmanship Fundesarte, in collaboration with the Spanish Agency of International Cooperation for the Development (AECID) and SPAIN arts & culture. It is expected that the exhibition will continue through Lima (Peru) from June 3 to July 13 and through Mexico D.F. from August 18 to November 15.