The Exhibition Hall of the Aragón’s Crafts Centre welcomes, from Thursday March 26 to April 22, a representative exhibition of the different styles that coexist in the current Aragonese smithery, a discipline that is part of the architecture and interior design of the region.

In “La Forja en Aragón” works of Gema Bazán, Luis Albiac, Ángel Alejos and Fernando Clavo are presented in a exhibition design that does not only shows the work of these four Aragonese blacksmiths, but it also follows the evolution of their style, methodology and the impact that forging has when the desired shapes are achieved by hammering the iron bars in the anvil.


The exhibition can be visited in the Exhibition Hall of Aragón’s Crafts Centre ( Monasterio de Samos,s/n. – Old Zaragoza’s Slaughterhouse), from Monday to Friday, from 12pm to 2pm and from 5pm to 8pm.