The Department of Tourism and Commerce of the Junta de Andalucía has started up the distinctive Andalucía, Calidad Artesanal, a label that has as main goal to promote the area in a united way, giving it a self-identity, improving its commercialization and reinforcing its international projection. Moreover, it is supposed to inform the consumer about this type of production and to guarantee its provenance against fraud and forgery.


The distinctive is aimed to those products or lines of products that are elaborated in a workshop or a craft business located in the community and, once granted, it will last five years, renewable for an amount of equal periods. In order to carry a logo, each product should comply at least three of the following criteria: quality of the materials used, the correct use of the production technique, the finishes and presentation, the innovative elements in the design, and the artistic form, perfection and richness, as well as the limitation in number of elaborated pieces, giving priority to the exclusiveness and uniqueness of the piece.