The National Museum of Ceramics González Martí hosts until 28th June the exhibition “Manuela Ballester in Exile. The Mexican Popular Costume”. The showing presents a group of 47 paintings and drawings of Manuela Ballester (Valencia, 1908-Berlín, 1994) belonging to the Mexican popular costume series that the artist carried out in Mexico between 1945 and 1953, during her exile (1939-1959). Next to Ballester’s works, there are 48 pieces of the Mexican popular clothing exhibited that the painter purchased in the markets of Mexico, stressing the ethnographic character of Ballester’s work. All the pieces showed belong to the museum collection and were donated by Manuela Ballester in 1982.


These pieces are practically or completely unknown for the general public and for the researchers, as they have only been showed on rare occasions. Before being part of the museum collection, Ballester’s Mexican costume paintings were exhibited on two occasions in the sixties: in 1963 in the Culture Creators Club of Berlin and in 1965 on the exhibition “Mexico and its world” celebrated in Berlin and Dresden.


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