Parentesi Quadra are hand-knotted rugs artisans since 2009, and have clients all around the world. They are always looking for new techniques and their innovative path has just been acknowledged by the Generalitat Valenciana with the “Avant-garde Crafts” award. The young team welcomes us to their firm.

What means to you the Valencian Community Crafts Award in the category “Avant-garde Crafts”?

Above all, it is an enormous satisfaction. Firstly, because the Valencian Community has always had renowned artisans, and the fact that us, among all of them, have been the awarded ones is an honour. Secondly, a great gratification by the acknowledgement of that much work effort made throughout so many years, moreover when the economic crisis has taken over.

The jury valued your “high creative value, the singularity and the innovative spirit” that characterises your pieces “from a functional and formal perspective.” Could you explain what does all of this consist of?

Parentesi Quadra is a business formed by young and high qualified people, that is why the values that the jury highlighted are always present on us.


Even though you have achieved this distinction in the Avant-garde category, Parentesi Quadra is dedicated to making hand-knotted rugs, how do you combine such traditional process with the innovation?

This goes alongside to the before mentioned: our team is formed by architects, engineers and artisans that are looking for new techniques at all times. Besides being made in a traditional way, they combine the know-how and the outcome as a product with innovative designs, but keeping the origins and functionality of themselves.

Are you working on something new at the moment?

Our creative spirit does not stop working on new designs, new techniques and new products. At the moment, we are working on a new collection of wooden stools with the seat covered in a completely handmade fabric, not forgetting our innovative spirit. Another of the collections we are working on –and that is going to be soon on the market– is a new ceiling light collection, made in a traditional way but with a fresh and modern design.

Which one of your rugs or collections are you most proud of?

This is a tough question to answer, since each collection we work on is our current favourite, but that is usual in the evolution of collections. Stages close and new ones open with more enthusiasm and determination.

Who are your main clients? Do you have international clients?

For us, all of our clients are important, what happens is that some are more well-known because of their names or projects. For instance, we are very proud that the Palladium Hotel team counts on us to provide them with rugs for the Hard Rock Hotel chain, Don Carlos, Hotel Ushuaia, etc., all of them in Ibiza. Clients such as Becara, Mercader de Indias, Ideas Interiorismo, A Cielo Abierto or Amadeo Salvador have a long-term trust in us.

On an international level, we have clients like the Royal Bávaro Hotel in the Dominican Republic, Adawiya Alhamrani in Saudi Arabia, Hermes Clarkson in London, Mobilis in Switzerland, Pepe Jeans, Côté Jardin and Côté Maison in Belgium, Carrerouge in Luxembourg, Böhmer in Germany… to name some of our main clients.