The EOI Foundation has just published the “Analysis of the competitiveness of the artisan sector in Andalusia 2014”. A report that delves into the competitive position of the Andalucian artisan sector: its capacity to consolidate and improve its presence in the markets and its economical and social contribution.

The Andalucian artisan sector is one of the biggest ones in Spain. Despite the huge negative impact of the economical crisis, it currently binds 7,000 businesses together and the employment reaches almost 20,000 people. Furthermore, the artisan sector is important in the Andalucian economy because it represents around the 8.7% of the whole industrial employment.

The report presents at first a characterization of the Andalucian artisan businesses, giving information about its structural characteristics. It contains an analysis comparing the current competitive situation of the Andalucian crafts with the national one, whose results allow valuing its situation and position compared to the different analysed competitiveness factors (innovation, internationalization, commercialising channels, financing, cooperation and human resources). Besides, it analyses the main threats and opportunities linked to its setting and it identifies the main weaknesses and strengths. This analysis is completed with the future perspectives that the artisan businesses currently have.