The room “Una Mirada Singular” of the Valencian Community Crafts Centre holds until the 31st August the exhibition “Platopía”, a tribute to the Manises traditional hand-painted plate (Valencia), in which the visitor can travel along the time through different epochs that had turned this domestic utile into a decorative referent with international recognition.

The exhibition gathers 52 decorative pieces that go over the history of this discipline which is in the hands of the members of the Valencian Crafts Association AVEC-Gremio, as the project’s curator Isidro Andreu explains, that details that there is not a continuous line of works because, for example, there are no active plate from the XVI and XVII century providers, but this tribute tries to show the current alive pottery and, because of that, it includes other decontextualized proposals as “socarrat” and more modern-style hybridization plates.


In any case, the exhibition is a loyal reflection of the importance of the decorated plate in this region, with copies of the XV century originals, recreations in cobalt blue or metallic reflect, among others, all of them made in a handmade way using different materials and heterogeneous finishes.  We should highlight the inclusion of iconic pieces from the Medieval pottery like the plate-brazier, “de engaño/chasco” plates which are decorative pieces with French origin destined to produce surprise or an optical illusion, that were usually placed in sideboards or tables, or current revisions of the souvenir plate, thanks to a collaboration project with technician from the Design and Architecture Department of the Institute of Ceramic Technology (ITC).

Furthermore, and thanks to the AVEC-Gremio’s Workshop-School we can see a big plate made with polychrome ceramic, painted by the students of this formative cycle, a unique piece that acts as the epicentre of the exhibition.