With almost 85 years, Trufas Martínez is one of the most emblematic businesses of Valencia. They have been awarded several times, the last one with the Generalitat’s “Crafts Food”. Teresa Ricart Martínez is the manager.

What does it mean for you the Valencian Community Crafts Award, in the category “Food Crafts”?

The recognition of the effort of business management and an important support to start commercialising new products outside the Valencian Community, also this will encourage us to do new projects of distribution.

The jury assessed your “modern system of management” and your “capacity to apply sustainability criteria, quality and innovation” in the elaboration of the products. Could you detailed a bit how does this work?

We have “protocols of operational procedures” in the different procedures and departments, being adapted to the new technologies: we have computerised the production, managements and sales areas. We have implanted the system HACCP, guaranteeing the “Food Quality and Security”, fulfilling every sanitary and hygiene rule. We are continually studying and developing new textures and product concepts, trying to be at the forefront of the new creation of chocolate.


Just over a year ago you were showing us this new dark chocolate formula to the 70% in tablets of 65 grams. How did the product work?

It has been very well received and we have created new products such as the Xoc, a new concept of hot chocolate, 100% natural chocolate, without thickener, flour or lecithin, with cinnamon, orange, spices, coffee… And we will continue creating.

Which other products can you tell us about? Are you working on any other thing at the moment?

We are feeling very creative and motivated, and we are working on three chocolate creations of which we are quite satisfied: “Masterpieces” in chocolates with relieves; “Handmade chocolate shoes”, depending on the inspiration of the artisan that creates them: and “Hand fans shaped as bonbons”, hand-painted.

Each year we witness the closure of traditional businesses in Valencia. You have been doing this since the 1930s, what is your secret?

I would summarise it in four words: “passion” and “illusion” everyday and in everything we do, to not lose the “essence” and to “pamper” as much as possible the elaborated product.

A town centre without traditional businesses has a lack of life, authenticity… What do you think should be done to avoid the loss of these artisan and family businesses?

I think there are many factors that make the loss of traditional businesses. Factors such as old rents, the generational handover, above all in given up activities for schedules and accomplishments of new regulations. Sometimes, next generations don’t want to continue with the activity their parents or grandparents started with so much effort, but other times, even though they want to, it is not feasible to continue. It is a pity that with so much globalisation these businesses that only exist in these places because it is an artisan work are disappearing. I enormously value the great effort my grandparents, Hilario and Antonia, made to establish the pillars of my business, which I continue with much illusion, and I hope my children will follow.


After several years of economic difficulties and the stagnation of consumption, have you notice any reactivation?

Fortunately, it seems that little by little we are flourishing again, but this is something everyone has suffered on a greater or lesser degree.