Cerámica de Manises: present and future of a brand and a craft with more than seven centuries of existence. Valencian Association of Ceramic manages the brand ‘Cerámica de Manises’ and offers interesting educational, recreational and commercial activities.

The ceramics is present in our country since ancient times. However, it was, from the Middle Ages when the Valencian ceramics achieved European fame. Manises is probably the most important city of the Region in the last seven centuries. In fact, according to data of the Valencian Association of Ceramic AVEC-Gremio, Manises concentrates the major activity of making artistic and traditional ceramic of the region.

This organization was born in 2000 from the union of the Valencian Association of ceramics (AVEC), created in 1953, and the Craftsmen and  Potters Master Guild. This last one exists since the seventeenth century and is considered the employer’s Valencian sector of decorative ceramics and traditional art. It currently has over 60 companies.

In order to promote this craft, the entity created in 2010 the brand ‘Cerámica de Manises’. This collective bargaining is intended to guarantee the authenticity of the products and, in turn, to disseminate this pottery as part of the heritage of our region. As pointed out, it is an “expression of a tradition that defined our history, which reflects the idiosyncrasies and cultural heritage of Valencia.”

In addition, in 2013 the company opens AVEC-Gremi Shop, where sells exclusively products associated to companies under the name ‘Cerámica de Manises’, as the responsible for promotion of the company Maria Carmen Bosch remarked.

The establishment, where they attend to customers in Valencian, English and French, is aimed at tourists who want to buy a souvenir ceramic piece, divided into four environments. “It is a meeting point for artisan and client, where the first finds a new form of promotion and point of sale; and the second, a unique point of purchase and access to a wide range”. It is also an opportunity to launch new products to the market and to receive first-hand impressions from customers. This allows them to adapt them or improve them, adapting to current demand. Since its opening, they have received visits from over 35 different countries (from Brazil or Japan to Latvia, through the United States, among others), and from different Spanish regions.


Nonetheless, the Association activity doesn’t end here. Another pillar of the organization is its Workshop School, which opened in 2007. Currently, several projects are underway, all of them are informative. Thus, the Ceramics School, in cooperation with the nonprofit association bewitch you are pottery workshops aimed at schools, adult education center, cultural and social associations and housewives. According to data AVEC-Guild, there have been already come until today more than 12,000 Valencian students, Spanish regions and other European countries. As its leaders emphasize “train students from the base, when they are very small, has a lot of value”.

Another project is ‘Ceramic Experiences’. The put into operation in 2013, in order to transmit and disseminate the acquired knowledge during generations and make them available to everyone. They offer theoretical and practical workshops taught by from Drac Ceramic, allowing students to begin in the world of ceramics or perfecting various techniques.

From the other hand, Valencian Association of ceramic AVEC-Gremio has published in his catalogue of tourist offer 2015 its experience “Cerámica de Manises ¡Siéntela!” with a goal: the visitor can enjoy doing ceramics in his workshop school and tour 700 years of history of ceramics from Manises with a film of 20 minutes duration. The ultimate goal is that visitor “has an unforgettable memory of the visit and experience of having felt as ceramist craftsman for a day”.

In addition, they collaborate with the association ‘Amics de la Cavalcada’ from Cerámica de Manises, offering its facilities for the production of parts which are then distributed in his traditional parade. The association was born in the town in order to promote and enlarge the centennial of the centennial parade called ‘Cavalcada de la Ceràmica’. Along with the Festival of Ceramics, this was named Celebration of Regional Tourist Interest in 2008.

In addition to these projects, AVEC-Gremio participates with other entities linked to the ceramic sector, as the National Association of ceramic experts (ANPEC), in the organization of events. This is the case of ceramics event called ‘El torn del torn’, an international encounter of contemporary ceramics held in October at the headquarters of the organization. It aims to facilitate the encounter between artists from different countries and to create a first international event in Manises around the lathe as a vital tool in the ceramic trade.


The AVEC-Gremio Association supports the city of Manises and works closely with the councils for the Promotion of Ceramic, Museums and Tourism. The goal is to continue offering activities to promote ceramics and other socio-economic, cultural and tourism activities from its Service Center and Promotion of the Valencian pottery.