Crafts gradually increases network presence,  developing into a product searched by consumers that require quality and exclusivity. This increasing supplies accounts in some months a new platform; ‘Manos es Más’, a online ticket portal for professional artisans, in which they can promote and sell its creations without primary costs. It is a very selective platform with the type of advertised products, offering buyers a wide coherent and excellent catalog. It is born from the experience in marketing online of its creators, Raquel Cañete and Carlos Barrachina, two young entrepreneurs experts in the digital environment, as a profession and lovers of craftsmanship, for devotion.

Unlike other platforms, only artisans craft can create their craft shops  in ‘Manos es más’. They should be resident in Spain and their creations should be unique pieces with high quality. Artisans should also contribute to cultural conservation, respecting tradition and technique transmitted from generation in generation and to make a commitment to innovation.

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In just three easy steps, the artisan can have its own store, or additional sales channel, -improving its visibility in the online environment- and can promote their products. Likewise, in addition to benefit from being part of a select catalog, the business contacts also does with prospective buyers and all without fixed costs. The craftsman platform pays the stipulated commission when sells.

As the way we think the market also has changed and nowadays we have much more spaces than transaction, ‘Manos es Más’ is also a very important space for exchange of views and relationship. In fact it reports everything that happens in the craft sector and closely follows new trends with two goals: in order to keep the community informed and to keep betting on the future of products with history.