Cámara Valencia has opened the deadline for the applications to help enterprises when having possibility of opting to the Awards called ‘Premios Cámara 2016’. These are held to recognize the contribution of companies to the general interest of the Valencian economy.

As a novelty, we have established four unique categories in this edition. Being transversal modes, all business sectors are eligible for all and each and every one of the ‘Premios’.

Award for the socially commited company, in recognition of the corporate commitment to corporate social responsibility, improving the quality of the workers and quality in employment.

Award to the excellence of business management model, in recognition of the efforts of the company in the interest of improving the use of resources such as human, energy, financial resources and innovation.

Award to boost internationalization, in recognition of the company’s efforts in harnessing the opportunities offered by markets, both inside and outside the European Union.

Entrepreneurship Award in recognition of entrepreneurship for companies to introduce innovative measures or new lines of business of innovative nature.

The deadline for applications is open until 31 May 2016. Enterprises located in the region of Valencia can opt if they submit their candidacy (those with registered office or at least, a retail outlet in the province of Valencia). Those companies who can be also choose are the ones who follow the following process: they can present their candidacy at the initiative of a voice and vote in the full House and with the express support of a least nine additional members, even they don’t submit their application. More information here.