The government of Extremadura has published in April the call to increase the production base and to improve the competitiveness of the crafts sector in Extremadura for the year 2016.

Participation in these schemes will be open to beneficiaries of natural and legal persons -including the communities of community property and other groupings without own legal personality- which are registered in the Register of Craftsmen and Artisans Companies of the Autonomous Community of Extremadura, as well as new artisans not being registered in Register to register from the time of the granting of aid.  The beneficiaries must carry out their activities in the territory of the Autonomous Community of Extremadura.


Elegible activities will include:

  1. Creation of new craft workshops and improvement of production processes in the workshops.
  2. Improvement of marketing conditions for products.
  3. Adequacy of space craft workshops for apprenticeship training.

The procedure for grating aid shall be made on a competitive basis and periodic call, assessing applications submitted to establish and periodic call. The assessing applications should be submitted in order to establish a priority in them and awarding aid, according to available funding to those who obtain higher valuation.

The deadline for submitting applications shall be one month from the day after they are published in the same Official Journal of the region of Extremadura (it was published on April 11, 2016).