During the classical “Fira del Mussol” focused on traditional crafts since 1843 in the town of Alcora, Castellón, it was delivered the “l’Alcora Espai Ceràmic” award. With about 30 participants from different countries (including Egypt, Italy and Bulgaria among others) the award was granted to Joan Esquerdo from Alicante for the work “Fragments”.

The award involves the elaboration of a forty square meters ceramic mural that will be settled down in the Costera de l’Advocat street, in Alcora. The awarded work, of Joan Esquerdo, is created in grogged white stoneware, vitrified engobe high temperature, appropriated to be installed outside. A serie of vertical sinuous elements compose a set of irregular forms, that over white background creates a shadow game, where resides all its power. The changing shadows give a huge dynamism sensation to the work.


“Fragments” will be included in the Alcora’s Route of the Walls, a set of five large dimensions walls from prestigious contemporary ceramists. This route is the leading exponent of the ceramist tradition of this town that had more than 500 years of artisanal history.