Fifty professional artisans met at the II International Pottery Conferences “El turno del torno” in Manises (Valencia) to participate in lectures and master-classes for small groups, workshops, exhibitions and concerts sponsored by the AVEC-Gremio association and the National Association of Ceramic Professionals (Anpec in Spanish), in collaboration with the City Council and Caixa Popular.

This year’s international guest was the French craftsman Georges Sybesma, contemporary potter and member of the Association Céramique La Borne (ACLB), who completed this year’s panel of experts together with Roque Martínez, fourth generation potter of Agost in Alicante; and Arturo Mora, potter from Manises who continues with the traditional pottery and of metallic lustre, as his great-great-grandfather did back in the XIX century. During the three days of the meeting, they also offered concerts, an exhibition of an oven made of glass bottles – run by Ángel Igual –, exhibitions of potter’s wheels made by Pepe Royo, one of the driving forces of the event together with Xohan Viqueira, and Conxa Arjona, current winner of the Valencian Regional Council Award in the XII edition of the International Biennial of Ceramics in Manises.