With records that go back to the XVIII century, this company started its activity in 1824, originating after nine generations in Elaboraciones Artesanas López y Espí, where they keep their innovative character and a career marked with recognitions, such as the Crafts award and the Industry award, in 1988 and 2003, both given by Cámara de Alicante. Two Gold Medals given by the Regulatory Board of Jijona (2009) and the “Turrodelia Gourmet” award to the best product (2012).


They have a selected clientele such as the Kings of Spain, the Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI or the current one, Pope Francisco. “Turrodelia” is the first cream turron in the world that can be spread. It was made to offer a new alternative to the younger generations, adjusting it to any season and introducing it to the Mediterranean diet with the natural resources that honey and almonds supply.