Ana Higueras has a degree in Fine Arts by the Miguel Hernández University of Elche (Alicante), specialised in glass with artists such as Quim Falcó, Txel Tembleque and Massimo Picone. She is a renown performer and artist that combines plastic art with glassware crafts, sculpture and jewellery, which she defines as hanging micro sculptures. She defines crafts focused on hi-tech and on the DIY movement. She funded the SiO2 brand in 2005 together with Tiziana Chiara. “Sucre” is a collection of earrings and necklaces that look like sugar cubes, inspired by the trompe-l’œil technique. In this case, these pretend to be sugar cubes made of molten glass alternated with silver and steel, recreating in these sets of earrings and necklaces three types of sugar: brown sugar, white sugar and sweet coal.