She is a craftswoman trained at the EASC of Manises, twice finalist of Forinvest and awarded with the Unart Prize at the XX Mostra d’Artesanía d’Altea (Alicante) and an audience award at the II edition of the PACV. She is known by a contemporary pottery and a poetic and artistic vocation. She presents, together with the Dutch esparto artist Simone Simons, from Trendzadesign, ‘El más fresco’, a porron made of enamelled earthenware and esparto surrounding it, as a cover. It is a strap of five branches made of chopped esparto and with some dyed espartos. The strap is sewn with hemp thread directly around the belly of the porron. The piece is inspired on the typical porron made of glass and on the pumpkins covered of esparto that were used to drink and carried by animals.