Teresa Aparicio (Valencia 1948) presents in the National Museum of Ceramics and Decorative Arts ‘González Martí’ an exhibition made up of geometric figures made from ceramic and porcelain, constructed under the concept of structure as a common thread of the exhibition. On one hand, each piece is made up of an internal structure which, at times is real and consistent, and other times it resembles more a dream. On the other hand, from a formal point of view, in the works of Teresa Aparicio appears a line that marks a direction or trajectory around which the rest of the elements of the work are arranged.

The exhibition ‘Estrucuturas soñadas’ (Dreamy structures), which you can visit until the 26th March, brings together 31 works made from ceramic, sometimes enamelled and other times bare and coloured, accompanied by porcelain, either white or coloured, with which combinations of small elements are made. These materials, which are cooked at 1,280 degrees Celsius, are combined with brightly coloured strips of wood or iron, which mark the orientation lines of the works.

Consult here the online catalogue of the exhibition