The costume jewellery manufacturer Teresa Andrés Bueno presents in the exhibition room Una Mirada Singular in Centro de Artesanía of Community of Valencia a selection of her last works inspired in the Valencian patrimony and culture. The showing recreates from natural products to monuments and ornamental details on handmade jewellery from several materials thought abstract and conceptual compositions. Each piece goes with an allusive photograph in order to establish a relationship between the product and the element of inspiration. The exhibition “Vàlencia, otra mirada”, which can be visited until the second fortnight of June, reunites a total of 43 pieces, which can be also purchased in the centre shop: Sibarita Shop.

Teresa Andrés runs since the beginning of the year a shop of handmade products, Teu Son, in Valencia (Pasaje Rex, 13), a workshop-espace where she combines her education as designer with craftwork. From her hands came out pieces for the City Hall of Valencia’s book shop, the San Pio V Museum or Colegio del Arte Mayor de la Seda.