Crafts Awards of the Valencian Community have the purpose of encouraging the artisanal creation and innovation, as well as the agreement between sustainable development and the adaptations to a market trend. They also award the handmade work of artisans through social and enterprise recognition.

In the present edition, the Heritage Craft Prize has been given to Orfebres Peris Roca (Lisea Orfebres SLU); the Vanguard Craft Prize – to María Teresa Miñana Mollá; the Food Product Heritage Craft Award has corresponded to Vegadénia, Coop. V; the Food Product Innovative Heritage Craft for Artisanal Sauces Award F.Gil, and the Woman’s Hour Craft Prize – to Irene Molina Pascual.

The exhibition that reunites the works of the finalists of all these award categories can be visited at the Craft Centre of Valencia.