The exhibition ‘Accessories. Beyond fashion’ can be visited at the Design Centre Matadero Madrid, set within the framework of Madrid es Moda contest and the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week (MBFW). This display, organized by DIMAD, intends to give visibility and value to accessories, the true allies of suits and dresses.

The exhibition, in which participate many talented youths, apart from artisans and designers with consolidated careers, emphasizes the creative process of the shown elements – bags, glasses, necklaces, etc.

The participants are: Ábbatte, Anónima by cm, Candela Cort, Lala de Dios, Mabel Sanz Go, Natalia Lumbreras, Nina Mûr, Paloma Canivet, QuiLo + PinArt, Rakelitoh, Walker Chao.

List of participants and their work:

·         Ábbatte: hand-made textiles.

·         Anónima by cm: embroidery of haute couture.

·         Candela Cort: headdresses and hats.

·         Lala de Dios: woven fabrics.

·         Mabel Sanz Go: handmade headgear.

·         Natalia Lumbreras: hand-painted silk handkerchiefs.

·         Nina Mûr: wooden glasses.

·         Paloma Canivet: ‘story-teller’ jewels.

·         QuiLo + PinArt: craftsmanship and digital manufacturing.

·         Rakelitoh: 100% artisanal bags.

·         Walker Chao: Geometrical and minimalist jewels with silicon.